Enigmatic psych doom outfit ENPHIN, formerly known as “Mr. Peter Hayden” or simply “PH” return with their 6th full-length album and Pelagic Records debut, titled “End Cut”. A movie script that became a record, “End Cut” represents a perilous yet enlightening journey for body and mind. If you commit yourself to their guidance, ENPHIN will take you on a journey through post- apocalyptic wastelands into the deep caverns of the soul.

Presenting the listener with a post-apocalyptic storyline, End Cut can be perceived as the final part of a second trilogy, as well as a first part of something new, which explores the aforementioned themes on multiple levels. With a lineup reduced to its original size of four musicians, End Cut continues the ban- d’s trajectory of writing increasingly shorter songs. Gone are the hour-long sonic journeys that marked the first trilogy and enter fifteen dynamic compositions that make up a troubling journey through dark landscapes and harrowing visions.

In expanding their vision and contracting their sound, ENPHIN have lifted their artistry to a whole new dimension, making the name change all the more fitting and appropriate. As with their previous albums, the interpretation of the listener is central to the experience of the music of ENPHIN. Like an esoteric eucharist, End Cut requires partaking to reveal its mystery. 

The undiscerning listener will find the album to be a wild and compelling sonic trip— but for those who are familiar with the band’s previous records, End Cut will cut even deeper and reveal itself as a journey beyond the physical, beyond the meta, beyond death, towards an unknown gloomy place painted in the dark colors of the album’s closing tracks Nothing, Sang Unity, and Endling. With End Cut, ENPHIN are piercing the soul, creating an experience that supersedes their previous works and that might well be- come their opus magnum.